More musings on the Universe

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I am reading Dan Brown's newest book. I love that guy! His writing is like a drug to me. Can't stop once I get started. Although he is very dark at times. However, in his new book he references a book by a woman named Lynne McTaggart. I have been reading her book "The Field" for years. Literally. I have to read just bits and pieces and put it down for months to digest it.

McTaggart writes about quantum physics and how the discoveries on that level relate to the spiritual. Yeah! Heavy stuff! But it has been a real eye-opener for me. Talk about brain twisters. Wrap your mind around this: quantum physicists have theorized that there is an energy field/ web that connects EVERYTHING in the universe! And their experiments with this are showing very convincing evidence that they are right.

What is most fascinating to me is that science is showing that things that ancient philosophers were saying centuries ago are real. The Native Americans, Buddhists, Hindus, and even Jesus told us we are all connected- all one. Why haven't we listened? Why do we persist in the belief that we can do what we want without effecting anyone or anything else?

I know this is changing. I know there are millions of people awakening to the fact that whatever you do to the least of your brothers or sisters or the world, you do to yourself. And whatever you do to yourself you do to all those around you. This connecting web ripples across the Universe with every thought, every deed.

You know those folks that are all worked up about 2012? I have a thought about that. I read somewhere that consciousness of our oneness will reach what is called "critical mass" in the year 2012. I think we are headed for a massive enlightenment! We have the capacity to save the world or destroy it with our very thoughts. I believe we are going to save it. Maybe not in 2012- but I think that we are beginning to make the choices necessary to change things for the better.

So my mantra for the day is this: We are ONE. I send you loving thoughts wherever you are!


The return of Sojourner

Yes, Sojourner is back. At least for the moment. Autumn has always been a time when I, involuntarily, become introspective. My dream life becomes very active and vivid and I cannot ignore it, or the messages it leaves me with. And it is the Autumnal Equinox, today. So this is very appropriate, eh?

I even wrote in my journal this morning which hasn't happened in a looong time. We are right back to that old question "what does it all mean, anyway?" The search goes on, even below the surface of my conscious mind. There are always and forever questions and mysteries floating about the Universe. And from time to time they come back to irritate me- in the way a grain of sand irritates an oyster to urge it to produce a pearl. Pearls must take a very long time to come about.

I wonder if every grain of sand looks the same to an oyster. I mean, to me, the questions look very much the same. And to an untrained observer, perhaps all the pearls look alike as well. Maybe they are all alike. Maybe the answers are all alike, too.

I dunno. I am still seeking. Happy Autum!


America, the beautiful

I love to ride my bicycle. I usually ride on a bike trail near my house that runs along a creek through town. It's a peaceful place, away from traffic and noise; and it's pretty- trees on one side of the trail and the banks of the creek with their wild flowers and native grasses on the other. I am comfortable here, and usually unafraid. There are generally quite a few other people around and they are generally friendly- they smile or wave, or say hi or just nod at you. Occasionally, they just ignore you, but I don't mind.

Recently, a wave of anti-Obama graffiti has appeared along the south section of the trail. Every trail sign, every bench, even the trail itself has become the mouthpiece of the ultra-conservative, right wing crazies. There are swastikas and all sorts of plays on the name - such as O-O-O-O-Obama, O what a jOke, and the f-bomb about every 5 feet or so.

Freedom of speech! Yeah! So much for my nice peaceful ride. I end up coming off the trail ready to ring someone's neck!!!! Sorry about the proliferation of exclamation marks- but really. I mean REALLY.

Just had to vent. Have a great night.


June is GLBT Pride Month

I am a little late with this but I am having a sale on all GLBT jewelry items for the month of June. Check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5454785